Electricity Supply Agreement Uk

8.4. In any event, our liability under this contract must not exceed the value of the electricity consumption estimated at the contract price at the time in which liability is incurred. 11.1. You can request that we install an automatic meter reading device („AMR“) at your location. All these requests are subject to the website`s investigations and the agreement between us and you before installation. 6.4. You agree to follow all instructions from us, the distributor or carrier, to stop or limit your electricity consumption in the event of an emergency or if such instruction is given under obligations imposed on us by law, regulation or license of our supplier, including (without restriction) if a notification is communicated in accordance with Section 2 paragraph 1, point b) of the Energy Act 1976. 10.5. You guarantee that you have the right to conclude this Agreement, that the electricity supply you present will not be fully or primarily provided for national purposes, and that any information you provide to us under the Agreement will be provided in full, correctly and without delay. We reserve the right to charge you any costs caused by inaccurate or late information (we will make reasonable efforts to minimize costs). If you start taking out a designated contract, your supplier must: 1.3.

Anglian Water Energy is available to customers only on an electricity or gas-based basis (or both). Anglian Water Energy is not available in combination with other commercial energy products. 2.3. We use the right to charge you the additional costs we incur if the transfer is not made on time due to your act or omission. To avoid any doubt, this is a violation by you of this Agreement if the events described in points 2.2.2 to 2.2.5 occur. We have the right to assert the harm caused by such a violation. Below are the terms and conditions of our accepted contracts, including PDF documents for our gas and electricity contracts. For full information on energy tariffs taken into account and out of contract, please take the time to read the corresponding documents below. 9.5. If we terminate the contract in accordance with paragraph 9.2, in addition to the amounts to be paid in accordance with paragraph 9.4, you agree to release us from all losses and expenses resulting from such termination, including (without limitation) any losses resulting from the disposal of the electricity purchased to cover your estimated consumption needs for the current lifespan. 7.2. If you use electricity at any point during the lifetime, we must continue to charge you the cost we incurred with respect to the point of supply for the rest of the life.

You can ask us to untangle or separate the supply point, which can reduce those costs. 6.2. If there is a problem with your delivery, you should contact your distributor, which is mentioned in the details. You can find your distributor`s contact information on your invoices or on our website. 1.1. This contract exists between you, Anglian and the supplier for the supply of electricity to you. Your main relationship as an Anglian Water Energy customer is with Anglian (including for account management and billing business). Anglian must work with a licensed supplier of Ofgem to provide you with electricity, so Anglian has instructed the supplier to perform certain delivery functions on Behalf of Anglian as part of this agreement.