Arc Discovery Agreement

In addition, the leading IC must obtain and maintain the written agreement of all relevant individuals and organizations so that the proposed project can be pursued in accordance with funding rules. This excludes employment organizations from foreign partner investigators (PIs) and the current organization of all participants, which is not their organization relevant to the proposal. Certifications are NOT required for Lead CI or the University of Adelaide (both certified with RFR). Submit the application by e-mail to RIC ( during the ICR`s internal submission period. If you have an honorary or faculty appointment (without a substantial paid appointment) and would like to apply as the chief investigator, please contact as soon as possible to arrange the DVCR certification. To be eligible for a Discovery 2022 project as Chief Investigator, you must be a member of an eligible organization on January 1, 2022 and for the project`s activity period:a. for at least 0.2 FTEs in an eligible organization; or b) have a voluntary academic vocation with an eligible organization (as defined by the CRA) with an eligible organization. After sending the proposal to the CRA, please provide the research services (e-mail to an electronic copy of the submitted proposal – the pdf generated by RMS (Convention DP2201XXXXX_CI SURNAME_PROPOSAL.pdf). (a) to safely maintain and store all data, samples or samples collected during the execution of their project; The following internal CHECKLISTe for the DP exam is available to candidates or support staff who want to know what the ARC Research Services team is looking for to conduct full or eligible audits.

The NOI must be completed at an early stage in order to communicate the IC contact information to the ICR. It can take the CRA to process AFL applications from several weeks to months. RMS does not issue a warning for research grants when a final report is sent. Research Grants verifies RMS`s final reports once a week (Thursday) and requires at least 10 business days to verify a final report and submit it to the CRA. This delay is necessary if changes are required to complete the certification and given the magnitude of the reports and other priorities in the fellowships. 1. If there is a transfer request of 75% or more of the entire CRA allocation. „Progress/Year End“ reports must include changes to final dates and dates, transfer of appropriations applications, and any significant issues that have affected the progress of the project.